Welcome to MonaturE


Welcome to MonaturE

Organic hairdresser Monature provides holistic, organic hair care, in a calm, relaxing and aesthetic setting in the heart of Lovisa. My ideology is to highlight your inner, as well as your outer beauty by the help of products from nature. Your hair is so much more than just a hairdo; it is a part of who you are.

I bring out the strength and beauty of your hair by:

  • Organic hair care

  • Indian head massage

  • Energy haircutting

  • Hair balancing

  • Plant colouring

You will also receive hints and ideas on how to take care of your hair at home with natural and certified organic products.

You find us here

Alexanteringkatu 4, Loviisa

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Organic Hairdresser
Mona Mether +358 45 7731 6799




I have since a very young age been fascinated by hair, perhaps because my own hair was so thin and fine, and I by the age of three only had a little hair on my head. My parents told me how I in my sleep caressed my head and said, yes, I do have a lot of hair…

… Perhaps this was the reason why becoming a hairdresser was to be my calling. Today I work with organic hair care, I am also an entrepreneur as well as teaching other organic hairdressers. I got my degree in organic hairdressing in Sweden in 2001, by a pioneer in the field named Kerstin Strömberg. I feel that I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to get to introduce and develop the organic hair care in Finland.


”I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work with sustainable development within the hairdressing industry, I get to support natural beauty and hair care as a teacher as well as an organic hairdresser. This feels so right, both for nature and for the human kind. Nature is an infinite source of knowledge and beauty which we are able to use an learn from at all times.”

Natural beauty – organic hair care, Mona Mether

Organic hairdresser Monature is a member of the association Suomen koulutetut ekokampaajat ry (SuKE ry).

  • The organic hairdressers have their own logo. The logo may be used by hairdressers who have a degree in hairdressing, as well as a degree in organic hairdressing from Finland.

The organic ethic principles for organic hairdressers are:

  • Avoidance of unnecessary chemicals, in order to reduce the burden on our waters and nature.

  • Choosing materials that support sustainable development with a focus on nature and our health.

  • Following the principles of sustainable development, an understanding of how the substances and materials we use have an effect on the nature and us humans.

  • Reuse and recycle as much as possible

  • No wear and tear, we use durable and washable materials.

  • Knowledge about the materials that the products are made of.

  • To maintain relevant information about the legal marketing of the trade and continuously developing the trade






Indian head massage is a comfortable and relaxing massage for both body and soul. Its roots go back to the more than a thousand year old tradition of Ayurveda. Ayurveda means ”knowledge of life” and is a 5000-6000 year old medical health system from India. The massage includes a series of movements where muscle knots and tensions in shoulders, the upper back, elbows, the head and face are massaged effectively, softly and rhythmically for 30-45 minutes. The massage often leads to increased growth, volume and gloss of the hair. The treatment can be supplemented with vegetable and ethereal oils.

Indian head massage is recommended for any- and everyone who wants to escape stress and daily worries, or get rid of tensions in the neck, or perhaps you just want to give yourself some relaxation and enjoyment. The massage is also compatible with organic hair care, energy haircutting and hair balancing treatments.

If you have problems with your hair and/or your scalp a series of treatments is recommended.

The aim is to

  • Activate your body’s process of purification.

  • Strengthen and stimulate the blood flow of you scalp.

  • Increase the supply of nutrition to your hair follicles.

  • Stimulate your body’s own healing process.

  • Balance the flow of energy and supply a feeling of calmness.

It is important to relax after the treatment. You can rest for a while in the old rocking chair, wearing Elna grammys homeknitted shawl while enjoying a cup of organic herbal tea.

The treatment isn’t recommended if you have a chronic disease, fever, under the influence of alcohol or if you have recently been in an accident. If you are pregnant a lighter form of the treatment is recommended.

Organic hair care treatments

I offer natural, organic hair care treatments with vegetable oils, clay, peat or carrageenan. Hair care treatments are recommended at least twice a year, for example in combination with an energy haircutting, fasting or some other holistic cleaning process. You may also try ”seasonal chemical cleaning for your hair and scalp” and repeat this process with the seasons. If you have a problem with your hair or scalp, I recommend you repeat the treatment. The organic hair care treatment can be made more effective in combination with Indian head massage and then becomes a holistic treatment which heals both body and soul.

Clay contains a variety of different minerals and trace elements, which animals, plants as well as us humans need. Clay is ingenious since it can absorb impurities as well as supply hair as well as scalp and skin with minerals. The colour of the clay varies depending on its origins and properties.

Clay is used as a detoxing treatment for both hair and scalp.

The treatment is recommended:

  • Before plant colouring, especially when transitioning from traditional synthetic methods of colouring to plant colours.

  • In order to remove chemical residuals from your hair.

  • If you suffer from problems with your scalp, e.g. psoriasis, dandruff or greasy hair.

  • If you wish to get more volume in your hair.

Rhassoul - mild, also suitable for babies
Green - drying, suitable for greasy hair
White - mild and light clay, suitable for light hair
Red - contains a high amount of iron, good for a sensitive scalp, also suitable for red hair
Pink - the colour of love, a combination of white and red clay


Carrageenan is an effective cleanser, which among other things removes metals from your hair, while simultaneously giving your hair moisture and proteins. When combined with massage a holistic detoxing treatment for hair, body and soul will be the result.

The treatment is recommended:

  • Before plant colouring, especially when transitioning from traditional synthetic methods of colouring to plant colours.

  • In order to remove metals and other chemical residue.

  • When your hair and your scalp needs more moisture and care.

  • Especially for light or blond hair, it eliminates impurities which comes through the water pipes.

  • Suitable for naturally curly hair.

  • Suitable as a detox-treatment after a medical treatment.

Is not recommended simultaneously with a medical treatment.


Peat contains different bioactive substances. Thanks to different minerals and trace elements peat works perfectly as treatment for hair and scalp.

The treatment is recommended:

  • As a detoxing treatment for your hair and scalp.

  • As a treatment against psoriasis, dandruff and imbalance in your scalp.

  • For naturally curly hair.

  • For lifeless and dry hair, where the peat brings your hair both moisture and proteins.


Vegetable oils consist of different essential fatty acids, which are vital for our body. A deficiency in fatty acids can among other things cause dry skin, which ages faster, brittle hair, eczema and weakened blood circulation.

The vegetable oils:

  • Are easily absorbed by your skin, making it soft and smooth.

  • Contain necessary fatty acids for the function of your cells as well as for the building of your cells and the elasticity of the cell membranes.

  • Helps your skin to contain its natural moisture by supplying nutrition.

  • Protect your skin.

I choose a suitable oil for you, as a compliment to the head massage and in order to make the massage smoother, while bringing nutrition to your hair and scalp.


I also use essential oils, in order to strengthen the holistic hair care, and to stimulate your senses. Essential oils are very powerful and are therefore diluted with organic vegetable oils. Together we choose which essential oil is most suitable for you, your hair and your scalp.


Your hair can be treated with different herbs according to your needs.

Marigold – Calendula officinalis
The flowers treat your scalp, helps against different eczema and dandruff. The marigold also gives your hair a beautiful golden shimmer.

Yarrow – Achillea millefolium
Stimulates the blood flow in your scalp and disinfects your skin. Suitable for greasy hair.

Horsetail – Equisetum arvense
Contains high amount of silicon. Recommended both internally and externally to strengthen your hair.

Nettle – Urtica dioica
Stimulates the blood flow in your scalp and brings your hair nutrition.

Roman Chamomile – Anthemis nobilis
The flowers calm your scalp. Chamomile provides a glossy lustre in blond hair.

Salvia – salvia officinalis
Suitable for the care of dark hair and for balancing the sebum excretion in greasy hair.


Energy haircutting is a holistic method of haircutting, which strive to support the flow of energy in your hair and your body, thereby balancing both your inner as well as your outer beauty.

The energy stimulating cutting process starts with a relaxing and harmonizing massage (20-30 min). The massage stimulates the blood flow in your scalp and starts a detoxing process in your body. I seldom do the massage or the cutting in front of a mirror, in order to make it more comfortable and relaxing for the customer. I recommend cutting in silence, so the whole process becomes more meditative and deep.

The purpose of the method of cutting is to create a beautiful, easily cared for personal hairdo. This way the strength and character of your hair comes to its full glory. I end the cutting process by balancing the fields of energy.

After an energy haircutting

  • Your hair growth is stimulated and the risk of hair loss is decreased.

  • Your hair feels more airy and thicker.

  • The natural curls and flexibility of your hair will be more distinguishable.

  • You feel calmer and more relaxed.

  • Your hairdo will keep its form for a longer time.

The energy haircutting that I perform is based on organic hairdresser studies at Kerstin Strömbergs, as well as on Hair balancing studies at Linda Deslauries. I have also gained a lot of own experience through my customers and by coaching students of organic haircare at Fortbildningscentrum Prakticum. One may say that energy haircutting is a holistic, harmonizing and strengthening treatment, which cleanses and stimulates both body and soul. The cutting process takes 1 – 1,5h and the price range is 66-99 euro.

Hair Balancing

Hair balancing is as the name already suggests, a hair balancing way of haircutting, it aims towards bringing out the best of your hair and your looks. Hair balancing and energy hair cutting have many common denominators. I begin Hair Balancing with a short harmonizing massage, after which the cutting is executed with a certain geometric pattern.

The treatment is done under silence and it aims to be both relaxing and healing for both you and your hair.

A Hair Balancing

  • Stimulates your hair growth and reduces the risk of hair loss

  • Makes your hair feel airier and thicker

  • Highlights your natural curls and the flexibility in our hair

  • Makes your hairdo last longer

After a Hair balancing you feel calm and relaxed both in your body and your heart. A pioneer within holistic hair care in USA, William Mercury Yount, has developed the method of hair balancing. Linda Deslauriers has been teaching hair balancing in Finland.

Hair Balancing takes 1,5 – 2 hours and the price is between 88-111 euros.


Your hair is coloured by different herbs and plants e.g. rhubarb, hibiscus, henna, indigo, cassia and madder. The plants are both colouring and caring. Plant colouring is a process, where your own hair is working together with nature, by the terms of nature and of course by your desire.

Plant colouring works best if you wish

  • To highlight your own colour or nuance it a bit.

  • To choose from different warm red and brown nuances. Black hair can also be coloured by plants.

  • For your grey hair to get a softer nuance.

  • For a caring colour.

  • To cover your grey hair 100%, a two steps colouring is usually needed.

  • Colouring lighter by plants is a challenge, at the moment I lighten your hair by detoxing treatments or by nuancing your hair slightly only by caring herbs.

I begin the colouring process by a 20 min harmonizing massage, thereafter I applicate your hair colour, which gets to impact for 20 min – 1,5h, depending on your hair and your request. While waiting you may relax and enjoy a cup of organic tea.

Depending on the treatment and the length and quality of your hair, plant colouring cost between 33-99 euros.  

Scalp analysis by micro camera

You have the opportunity to book time for consultation. For the analysis of your scalp I use a microscope, which enlarges 200 times. Welcome for a 15 minutes free consultation. Consultation 15-30 min, 22 €




Holistic, organic hair care

Prices (incl. 24 % vat)


Natural products

Natural products

Ingredients that have a natural origin make genuine natural cosmetics. The whole lifecycle of the product is monitored, from the choice of ingredients to the process and to how organic the packing is. This means you take into account the wellbeing of nature as well as the wellbeing if the user.

Certified natural products fill certain criteria according to its certificate.

The main principles for the certifying criteria are mutual

  • Natural materials are to be used in manufacturing.

  • Organic materials are to be used, the collecting of wild plants is to be sustainable.

  • The materials should be processed as little as possible.

  • Neither the materials nor the products are to be tested on animals.

  • Products should afflict nature as little as possible.

  • The marking on the packing is to give precise and correct information to the consumer.

Natural cosmetics do not contain

  • Synthetic fragrances or flavours.

  • Synthetic preservatives (parabens, 2-bromo-2nitropropane-1,3-diol, DMDM Hydantoin, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Methyldibromo Glutaronitrile)

  • Materials based on crude oil (Paraffinum LiquiDum, Petrolatum)

  • Compounds of PEG and PPG.

  • Organosulfates (eg. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate)

  • Synthetic antioxidants (e.g. BHT, BHA)

  • Synthetic UV-filters (Benzophenone-compounds, Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate, PABA)

All products that are used or sold at MONATURE are clean natural cosmetics and/or certified.

AT Monature you find





I have experience as a hairdresser since 1982, and as a hairdressing teacher since 1994. I have specialised in sustainable development within the hairdressing industry since the year 2000, through an education for organic hairdressers at Herbian in Sweden, where the teacher was Kerstin Strömberg, a pioneer within the field in Sweden. Since then I have worked as an organic hairdresser entrepreneur, with the business Monature, and as a teacher for organic hairdressers at the vocational school Prakticum in Helsinki since 2002. I have also had the privilege to get to develop the organic hairdressing education, both nationally and in the Nordic countries.

I have also written a textbook on organic hair care together with other experts in the field "Naturlig Skönhet - Ekologisk Hårvård" to be released in the fall of 2016. Authors: Feeja Haarmann, Jeanette Harf, Henriette Kress, Maria Lempinen, Mona Mether, Virpi Raipala-Cormier and Elina Taavitsainen.


My services also include lectures and workshops which tangent organic hair care and chemicals in your everyday life. Together with the customer I can customize a package according to the needs and requests of the customer. Here are some examples on lectures and workshops I have kept.

Introduktion av nätkurs för frisörer: Radico Organic växtfärgning av hår

Lectures 1 - 4 hours

  • Naturally beautiful with the help of nature.

  • Chemicals in your everyday life – What can you find in your bathroom.

    • Products and their contents.

    • How can I analyse my own products, my everyday cosmetics.

  • Organic Hair Care.

Workshops 2 - 8 hours

  • Making your own organic hair care products.

  • Indian head massage.

Contact me so we can customize lectures, workshops or a course together, for your needs.

Indian Head massage

Indian head massage is a comfortable and relaxing massage for both body and soul. Its roots go back to the more than a thousand year old tradition of Ayurveda. Ayurveda means ”knowledge of life” and is a 5000-6000 year old medical health system from India. The massage includes a series of movements where muscle knots and tensions in shoulders, the upper back, elbows, the head and face are massaged effectively, softly and rhythmically for 30-45 minutes. Indian head massage is recommended for any- and everyone who wants to escape stress and daily worries, or get rid of tensions in the neck.

The course is recommended for you who are curious and want to learn more about holistic treatment in an easy an effective way. You can use the massage in your everyday life for your loved ones or perhaps as an extra income besides your daily work. The aim is for you to learn the different massage techniques that belong to Indian head massage and to be able to perform the massage on different people. You develop the massage with your own hands to a personal, holistic treatment.

The course contains 16 attendance hours, divided into 3 – 4 occasions, and some practical exercises that you do on your own. Everyone who has passed the practical final exam gets a certificate, a diploma from the course.

Indian Head massage theory and practice:

  • History

  • Massage techniques and their impact

  • Vegetable oils

  • Practical exercises

  • Practical final exam

Price: 180€ (including VAT 24%), contains the course materials and diploma.
Minimum attendance: 6 people